How To Find the Perfect House

How To Find the Perfect House

You might say there is no such thing as perfect, but a great real estate agent knows that there is always a perfect match. Whether you be a parent looking into buying a bigger property, or a newly wed couple moving out of the apartment, there will always be a perfect fit for you. After a length of time and experience selling and matching owners with houses, here are some steps you can follow to find that perfect match to live in.

  1. Start early. Buying a house is not something you want to rush, do your research as soon as you plan on purchasing one. Determine the exact location you want, the amenities, and the services you will be needing. Make it as well defined as possible so that there’s less need for more op Early research is a key to creating the best criteria- the more you research, the more you understand the pros and cons of a certain preference and therefore narrows down your checklist.
  1. Designate your budget. List all your expenses, your monthly dues and emergency funds. Determine how much you can set aside for payment of the house. Consider the initial downpayment, and also plan for any repairs that might happen. Seek the service of a mortgage banker to know the exact price range you can afford. By doing so, you also learn how much they are willing to lend. It is imperative that buyers not go overboard with their financial capability just to satisfy the urge to buy a house. It is not a perfect house if you are burdened in paying for it.
  1. Find your real estate agent. Not just any agent, but the right one. Real estate agents serve as your partners- they know the neighbourhood, they have access to subdivisions, and they understand the situation best. It might be best to have a referred agent from a friend or family member, it saves you the hassle of verifying whether he/she is really helping you or just looking for sales.
  1. Look at every single one of the houses. There are cases wherein you are attracted to the front lawn of the property, but the moment you step in the house your hopes got flushed down the drain. Houses have their own character, and you cannot find the right home based on your location preference if your too lazy to check what they have to offer. Check all that there is to check, see what needs to be seen. Take as much time as you need to in touring with your agent because as I’ve said, buying a house in rush terms will only give you headaches later in the process. The perfect house might be the next one you were supposed to see but decided not to.
  1. Have it inspected. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, don’t go closing the deal just yet. Have it fully inspected first. These inspections are usually arranged by your agent. A full walkthrough is done by all parties and every single detail of the house is inspected. Areas for repairs are noted, and by doing so you are ensured that the house will be given in its full operational state.

Are you ready to look for your new home? Follow these steps and I’m sure in no time you will find that perfect house.

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